17 October 2020

Ingrid & Darjus

Our Story

We have known each other for so long that we do not find the beginnings of the road among our misty memories. One thing is for sure, fate put us both in Baja. Moreover, we were distantly acquainted from our births through our families. The first event we both remember was a hike around the village of Óbánya with a larger group. We were only 6-7 years old and Darjus played football with Ingrid's cousin. The unknown relationship went on during primary school where Darjus was a year senior to Ingrid until Darjus switched to the local rival school. We physically drifted apart for high school but these times brought about our introduction and first conversation at a friend's party. Fast forward to 2011, just two years later, after we had become more or less mature undergraduate students in Budapest and we started dating! It was love at first sight (wait, what?). Life has been beautiful and happy since then, but now we are just a bit further up the Danube in Vienna.

Our journey takes us back to our hometown for the next stop where we will both say "I do".

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Our Big Day: 17 October 2020

Meeting point: 15:15, Páduai Szent Antal-plébániatemplom

15:30 - Church Ceremony

Location: Páduai Szent Antal-plébániatemplom.


  • Group photo
  • We walk together to the Town Hall (20 meters)

16:30 - Town Hall Ceremony

Location: Town Hall of Baja


  • The bride throws her bouquet
  • Together we walk over to the restaurant (150 meters)

17:30 - Congratulations

Location: Restaurant of Duna Wellness Hotel.

At arrival we will receive congratulations make a toast with champagne.

  • Pictures in smaller groups with the married couple.

While the couple briefly dissappears for a photoshoot, snacks and refreshments will be served with live music in the background.

19:30 - Dinner

Location: Restaurant of Duna Wellness Hotel.

Followed by:

  • First Dance
  • Everybody on the dancefloor!
  • 23:00 - Wedding cake
  • 0:00 - Receiving presents - Dance with the bride and groom
  • Midnight snack
  • Party until sunrise


We can offer you accommodation at the dormitory of secondary school MNÁMK Gimnázium. The 1, 2, or 3-4 bed rooms have their own bathroom. Please let us know until February in case you would like to stay here, and we will take care of the rest. :)

In case you would like to stay somewhere else, we have listed a few extra opportunities near the wedding location. We are happy to give you more information or to help with booking.


Is there a dresscode?

Formal wear, but tuxedoes and evening gowns are not necessary.

I have a food intolerance / I follow a special diet. Do I need to bring my own dinner?

Please let us know in advance, basically the sooner the better, and we will of course take care of everything.

How do I get home / to my accomodation after the wedding?

There will be a taxi waiting outside of the restaurant to drive guests home / to their accommodation.

What kind of present should I bring?

We would be very happy to receive an old photo of you and us, then we can build a wall of family and friends already during the wedding reception. In case you would think about a present on top of that, please try to fit your gift into an envelope that you can give us at midnight during the dance with the bride and groom.


You can reach us via the usual channels :) Messenger, WhatsApp, phone, email, or maybe even in person!

Things to do in Baja

If you are staying for the whole weekend and need some tips for what to do in the town, we have collected some tips and ideas for you:

  • Take a walk along the riverbank Sugovica to the a Türr Lookout Tower / Türr Kilátó, named after the manly István Türr (check out his moustache) who fought for the unification of Italy under Garibaldi. The view of the Danube is very nice.
  • Try the traditional fishsoup of Baja in one of the restaurants on the Petőfi-Island / Petőfi-sziget.
  • Visit the World War Memorial at the park of Déri-kert. It carries the name of Frigyes Déri who returned to Baja from Vienna with a big fortune.
  • Visit the statue of Jelky András, the legendary globetrotter of Baja. He served in the former Batavia (now Jakarta) as a Dutch colonist.
  • Visit the Ulmer Schachtel in the yard of the MNÁMK secondary school. Fun fact: the project of building the ship was led by Ingrid's father, Alfred Manz.
  • Canoe in the Sugovica. This is not just a lot of fun but also safe since there is very little current in this part of the river.
  • Visit the former synagogue, currently a library.
  • Around Baja:
    • Visit the cellar village of Hajós.
    • Take the railway through the Gemenc forest.

Let us know if you have any questions or you need further guidance about your visit, we are happy to help!